Pulling Away

Photographing the Purdue Duals Against Indiana

Yesterday I was back in Lambert Fieldhouse to photograph the Purdue Track and Field team again. This week they hosted Indiana for a dual that is a little more than a normal dual with the rivalry between the two schools. This week things were a little more compact then they were last week. Last week I had heats that Purdue was not involved in to photograph the field events. This week I had to hustle to get everything in. I was tired when I left the stadium, but I made some photos that I really liked during the day. Knowing the layout of the field house a little better this week allowed me to make some photos that I wished I had last week. These are tremendous athletes that make the work fun. Purdue is back home for the Fred Wilt invite on February 13th, but they do have a couple of away meets that are not too far away before that.

Making Use of a Remote Camera

Last week at the last minute I saw an opportunity to use a remote camera inside of the cage where the weights are thrown. I put together a setup very quickly, but one of my remote triggers failed me. I really thought that I was onto something, and I wanted to give it another try. Before I found out that I would be shooting the event this weekend I was going to head back to Lambert to give the remote idea another try. This time I had time to test everything out, and I was able to make the image that I was looking for last week. Of course I made a few others that I liked as well.

Bonus Photos

More of my shots from the meet can be found on the Purdue Exposure page here. I really cannot express enough how much fun it was photographing the meet yesterday. At a time of year where you find yourself stuck on a baseline somewhere it was nice to get out and make some photos again.


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