Watching the ISS Go By

Finally Getting Out To Photograph the International Space Station

Last night I went to campus to photograph the International Space Station flying overhead. Being my first time photographing the space station I did not know what to expect. Honestly I didn’t really know what I was looking for in the sky. I thought that I had watched it overhead before, but I was not sure. The clouds did not seem like they were going to cooperate, but they did move fast enough for us to get an unobstructed view of the ISS setting as it finished its pass overhead. I learned a lot in a short time on campus tonight, and I can’t wait to get out and try this again. It really is amazing when you think about what you are seeing when you look up.

The Reason That I Made This Photo

Let’s face it. I would not have had any idea where to look in the sky to photograph the space station if not for Trevor Mahlmann. I first started seeing Trevor’s work pop up in my timelines last year. Every picture I saw made me more and more interested in who this person was. I have known Trevor on the internet for just about a year now, and he still surprises me with what he comes up with next. He has done some great work that you can find here. The best part about Trevor is that one day he expects to be up in the space station flying overhead. I can’t wait to make that photo.

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