Danny Anthrop and Four Years of Blogging

Four Years Ago I Started This Blog

It is hard to believe but it was just four years ago that I started this blog. I was starting a photo a day project, and I went to the Central Catholic game to make some photos. For someone who loved sports that seemed like a great way to start the long project off. When I started the project I never thought that this blog would still be around four years later. I honestly did not know if I would finish the project. Many who start it do not. Somehow I made it through though, and in the process I started seeing the world a little differently. The goal of the photo 365 project was to improve my photography. I think that over the course of that year I really did improve my photography. I also learned a little more of what makes a good photo. It is amazing to look back at that first photo, and seeing just how far I have come.

The First Photo on This Blog

The photo above is the first photo that appeared on this site. Danny Anthrop had just reversed direction on a punt return, and ran right at me. He would weave in and out of traffic to take the punt to the house. When he was close enough for my equipment to really be effective though he was back on the other side of the field. At the time I saw this photo as the shot of the night. Looking back at it I can see some things that would make me say that. He has a good gesture at the time with both feet off of the ground. Something in the photo just spoke to me so I made it the post of the day. Now I have chosen to usually include a few photos from a game such as this one, but back then the site was simply called “csd’s photo of the day.” Looking back at the photo I can see some things to improve on, but most of that was due to the limitations of my equipment. I was shooting my Canon 60D at the time. This was my brand new camera that I thought could shoot in the dark. Of course over time I came to realize that it really could not. Shooting that camera at ISO 6400 as I did above was just asking for noise. Add in the fact that I had my 75-300mm lens on the camera, and light quickly became an issue at a high school stadium. At 300mm the fastest aperture I could be at was f/5.6. That is not ideal for shooting sports. Next year I will have a dilemma to face as Danny will no longer be playing for Purdue. It seems as if he shows up on this blog every October. It will be very awkward going to an office to make a photo of him, but it has become a tradition around here. Maybe his brother will be at Purdue, and I can make a photo of him.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Last year I was not having a good summer as far as impressions with the site, and I was just going to get to the three year anniversary before shutting it down. I thought that it had served its purpose, and I would have been okay with walking away. At some point though things really took off, and I have seen unparalleled success since then. In fact by the end of this month I should pass my view total record for a year. I still will have two months to go. By the time this post becomes public I should be very near last years total views. Things have really picked up, and that makes writing fun. As long as it is still fun, and people are still reading I will keep doing this. It is hard to come up with a photo that I think I should show the public every day of the year. That does keep me creating though which is a good thing. Looking back at what I wrote on that first post four years ago it really makes me realize just what I have accomplished in four years. I went from having no access to anything to photographing things that I never thought I would get access to. Every time that I think the next level is out of reach I somehow end up there. Next year I may do something really cool for the fifth anniversary of the blog, and it will be very interesting to me what I am doing in a year. At the rate that things are moving even I do not have a clue right now. It is not lost on me just how far I have come. When I started this course I knew that I would have to be patient as it would not be easy. For some reason the early stretch came fairly easy with just a few bumps in the road. Every time that a door closed though something better came available to me. This would be a great place to share some news about next year, but I will sit on that for a while longer.Stay tuned to the blog.

Thanks for reading this little blog. It means the world to me that people actually care what I have to say.



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