Visiting the Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana

Taking in the Pierogi Fest for the First Time

Yesterday we made the trip to Whiting, Indiana to see what Pierogi Fest is all about. I feel kind of bad for never attending one before. As a Polish male who loves pierogi’s it seems like a  natural fit. For some reason though it never happened. After visiting yesterday though we will be back soon. The city of Whiting really goes all out for the festival. They provide transportation (for only $1) to and from the event. My daughter loved the bus ride in as she was free of her 5 point car seat harness. Once inside of the free festival grounds you have many choices for your entertainment. We had fun watching a polka band as well as some folk dancers.

Watching the Folk Dancers at Pierogi Fest

I think that my daughters favorite part of Pierogi Fest was watching the folk dancers. She was dancing along with them from the edge of the dance area. I know very little about the dance customs of my ancestors, but it was fun to watch them act out some of the dances. The kids that put on the show were into what they were doing, and they made it very interesting. They made one huge fan along the way as well.

Lanie Meets Lanie

We were not at the festival very long when we met a few ladies wearing babushkas walking around. I asked the buscias if I could make a photo of them with my daughter. I called Lanie over to be in the photo, and one of the ladies perked up. She asked if her name was Lanie. I replied that it was. She said L-A-N-I-E? I said yes. Just like that Lanie met the first person that shared her name. This would have been a cool photo no matter what, but the fact that there are two Lanie’s in it make it that much cooler to me. Speaking of cool, my Lanie was too cool to look at the camera while I was shooting. She was very interested in the dancing happening off to the side from here.

Using the Canon 24-105mm f/4 at Pierogi Fest

I took only one camera and one lens into the festival with me yesterday. With a small child I already had a bag for her, and she was usually in my arms. I wanted a simple setup that would allow me to capture many things. The Canon 24-105mm lens does just that. When I wanted a wide shot I would zoom out to 24mm which is fairly wide. For the above shot of the pierogis being cooked I could zoom in to 105mm to get in nice and tight. I am really liking this lens as a one stop shop for a lot of ideas that I have.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few extra shots from the day. I really did not make many shots during the course of our time there as it is hard to eat pierogi’s and make photos. I did end up with a few that I liked though. Next year I would like to go again with more of a photo story in mind. I think that you could come away with a great story from this small festival in Northwest Indiana. If you want to know more about the festival you can click here to go to their site. It is worth a look even if you are not Polish, and even if you do not like Pierogi’s.

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