Ocean City Pier Sunrise Timelapse

Making a Time Lapse with the GoPro Hero 3+

When I arrived on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean to make a couple of sunrise photos I had two ideas in mind. The first was simple. I would use my camera and tripod to capture the sunrise over the ocean and the Ocean City Pier. I would also make a time lapse of the event. I love the way that these videos look, and I don’t do it as often as I should anymore. I used my Joby Gorillapod to place my GoPro Hero 3+ near the ground just out of reach of the tide…or so I thought. By the end of this video the tide had some up a bit so that my tripod legs got a little wet. The waves did not move the tripod much though so the video was not altered at all. Sometimes while you are shooting a great sunrise you don’t always experience it like you should. Making this video allows me to do that after the fact. This was a slow developing sunrise so I was able to stand back and appreciate what I was doing quite a bit. With the GoPro you can record video and stills at the same time so I actually have the event in real time as well. This winter when I am getting stir crazy I can sit back and watch the sunrise over the ocean.

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