Instagrams of Ocean City

Using Instagram While In Ocean City, Maryland

During my vacation last week I had a lot of fun using Instagram to document some of the things that I would not normally have shared. Some things are more of a snapshot than anything else, but for some reason they seem perfect on Instagram. This is my fourth year in a row visiting Ocean City, Maryland, and this was a great way to look at everything new. I had so much fun using Instagram again that I plan on trying it out a bit more in the coming weeks. When I first started using Instagram I was using my phone to make photos. By the time the trip came up though I was mainly using it to repost photos that I made with my dSLR. I think that I will stop that use of Instagram, and just use images made with my phone for a while. This week I have a few cool things coming up that should allow me to really use the phone very well.

Instagrams of Ocean City

Here are some of my favorite images from the trip. If you want to see more of them you can follow me on Instagram under the name @pinolaphoto. Many of these photos were made at the same time that I was making another photo for this blog. On the other hand I made a lot of images that would never had made the site. I also found out that the camera on the iPhone 6 is quite good. I made some images that I couldn’t believe with the camera. The shot of the laughing gulls wing on the camera was just that. I was impressed with the way that the camera handled motion although I think it will be a while before you see them on the sidelines of a game used by professionals. In a way this a great way to recap my trip to Maryland. I have shots from the flight out all the way to the flight back home. These would be great shots to help give place to a family picture album from the trip.

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