The Golden Man in Ocean City, Maryland

The Golden Man performs on the boardwalk of Ocean City, Maryland on the Atlantic Ocean

Watching the Gold Man Perform in Ocean City, Maryland

Part of the fun of going to Ocean City, Maryland every year is to experience things that you don’t normally see. Those things include the Atlantic Ocean, the famous Ocean City Boardwalk as well as the ferris wheel. Another thing that we love to see is the Golden Man. You can hear his unmistakable squeaky voice from a block or so away. The golden man will most likely be completely still when you first see him, but the show starts when a tip is placed in his jar. He really does have fun with the kids, and that makes the vacation fun for us. I made some photos of this golden man from the front earlier on in the trip, but on our last night I decided to change it up a bit. I moved just behind him and to the side to incorporate the famous ferris wheel into the shot. I just needed the right gesture to make it work. As he thanked my daughter for putting money in the tip jar I got my shot.

Using the Canon 24-105mm f/4 Lens

This is a lens that I have wanted to get my hands on for a little while now. When I made my trip to San Francisco in 2012 I thought that this would be the perfect walk around lens. I have focused on getting the gear that I need for my sports photography though so this lens went on the back burner. I thought about buying it too late for our Disney trip, but I made sure that I had it for this trip. This is a great lens for getting a wide variety of shots. I like the range for getting tight photos of your family or being able to pull back to get more of the scene in as well. I will have more on the lens in the future after I am able to test it a bit more. For now though I am very pleased with my purchase.


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