Walt Disney World Time Lapse

Creating a Day to Night Time Lapse at Walt Disney World

Ever since I first bought my first GoPro I have been making time lapse videos. Some of them are good, and some of them were just to make a time lapse video. When I knew that I would be staying in a room overlooking the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World I thought that it would be a good place to make a time lapse video. I wanted to try and capture some of what makes that view so great. Instead of watching clouds go by all day I decided to focus on the change from daylight into night. That way you can see some of the color in the sky along with the fireworks that punctuate the night sky. I liked the boat traffic at night as well so I let it run a little longer to capture that. What I ended up with was a video that is just over a minute long.

Making the Time Lapse Video

These things can be very easy to put together or very hard to do. That is up to the person making the video. If you are making a complex moving time lapse such as the one seen at the beginning of the TV show ‘House of Cards’ you have a lot of setup and editing time. For something like the one above though I went with the easy route. I set up my GoPro to record one frame every 5 seconds. I would normally space them a little further apart, but I wanted more during the fireworks. I settled on 5 seconds. I set up the image to record super wide, and to record at 12mp. I used the suction cup mount for the GoPro to mount it to the roof of the deck that I made my images from. I had a cord running back into the room for power, and a large card in the camera. With all of this on my side I could record for a very long time if I chose to. Once I had my set of images I used the GoPro Studio to put them together. With the proprietary program running things it is very easy to do. I put the images together and cut the video to a length that I thought was interesting. Then I found some free music to run in the background. In all this is a fairly easy way to make a time lapse, and when you are on vacation you don’t want a hard way. I have a couple of ideas for my other vacation this summer to make some videos of the things that make Ocean City, Maryland so great. More on that in August.

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