Meeting the Queen

Meeting Queen Elsa

Of course with a six year old on our trip the highlight was meeting Queen Elsa and her sister Anna. If you have tried to do this than you know that it is the hottest ticket around right now. The FastPass opportunities go faster than the hottest concert ticket. We lucked out, and found a good time to meet them without spending hours in line. On the last day of our trip we even were able to see Elsa sing her song ‘Let It Go’, and it was a singalong! Disney really does do a great job of making the kids dreams come true. Meeting Elsa and signing with her was a dream come true. I think our six year old enjoyed it as well.

Using the Canon 75-300mm Lens

I took along the Canon 75-300mm lens thinking that it would have one use. I would use it to get up close during the Indiana Jones stunt show. I had not used the lens in almost three years after getting better glass. A small scratch on the front element also made it one to put aside. For this though it would be perfect. I would not need one of my long lenses, and on the Canon 7D Mark II it would work out perfect. As it turned out the only time I used it on the trip was to make this photo of Elsa from the crowd. It is funny how things work out. Using it though made me think that it still has a place in my lens lineup. I may give it another try this weekend. The very first post on this blog was a photo of Danny Anthrop playing for Central Catholic, and it was made with this lens. It served a great purpose for me for many years, but I felt that I had outgrown it. I wanted the depth of field of something faster. When you don’t need that though I think that it can still work. It is also easier to sneak into venues.

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