Fireworks Over Walt Disney World

Shooting the Nightly Fireworks at the Park

During our trip to Walt Disney World I was in a few locations shooting the fireworks that are set over the park every night. For this particular photo I was on the deck of our room at the Contemporary Resort. I wanted a room facing the park for just this reason. I liked shooting the park at other times of the day, but I thought a relaxing shoot from the balcony would be nice as well. They really do put on a nice show, and if you pay attention to it they will repeat it every night. I guess the fact that they will do the same thing every night cuts down on many costs.

Using Long Exposures to Shoot Fireworks

Last year I put out a post giving out a few tips for shooting fireworks. You can read that post here. My first rule on that post is to use a tripod. I did not have one with me here. I wanted some very long exposures so I had to improvise. I used my Joby Gorillapod to mount my camera to the back of the desk chair provided with the room. That gave me enough height to get over the top of the railing without having to have my rig dangling eight floors above the ground. From there it was a matter of waiting for the right times to shoot the fireworks. I wanted a lot of light in my frame so I had my camera in bulb mode using a remote trigger. For this particular shot I had the camera shutter open for 13 seconds to get all of this in the one frame. During that 13 seconds I was even lucky enough to have a monorail train come through the photo. I love the bursts of color of the firework during a long exposure. The streaks look great, and make my handheld shots from a couple of other locations look bad.

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