Purdue Baseball vs. Maryland | Sports Photography

Jack Picchiotti Makes Me Look Good

The photo above was made during the game yesterday as Jack Picchiotti chased a fly ball down in foul territory. For some reason I have had very good luck capturing some of Jack’s better plays. I few of the photos in my baseball portfolio have Jack in them. Sometimes certain players show up in your photo gallery again and again. Jack is one of those players. This photograph had a lot of luck involved with it. To start off I was in a different position than I normally am for Purdue when they are in the field. I was playing the guessing game, and I guessed the shortstop would get the ball. I was dead wrong, and the ball was hit to the right field corner. I swung my lens over to make the photo, and I was lucky to get this frame when I did. Had Jack been a couple of more steps over I would have had my view obstructed. The final piece of luck here was the sun flare off of his glasses. This is purely a stroke of luck that I think makes the photo. You have to be good to capture the action, but in sports you also need a lot of luck on your side. Here I had everything working in my favor.

Cody Strong Does It All

I don’t have the stats to back up this claim, but after looking through my photos I think that Cody Strong had a hand in about half of the outs yesterday. Once again playing the guessing game during an inning I placed my crosshairs right on Cody. A ground ball was hit to him and he threw to first. The next batter was another repeat. After a ball was hit the other way I was back on Cody to capture him making a diving stop for the final out. He made plays in the infield as well as catching fly balls in every part of the outfield. For some reason you could not go wrong putting Cody in your viewfinder yesterday.

Jack Picchiotti catches a fly ball in foul territory during the Purdue baseball game against Maryland on April 26, 2015

Gavin Downs Pitches a Great Game

I have not mentioned the score of the game yet, and I still may not. Purdue led #20 Maryland from the get go, and it looked like they may take a very nice win on the back of a great pitching performance by Gavin Downs. In the end it was not meant to be though, and Gavin did not get the win. Gavin is a great pitcher to photograph, and it was nice to see him have a good outing. He was three outs away from a complete game win, but baseball is a crazy animal that sometimes takes from you. Unless he pitches a midweek game I have one more chance to see him pitch this season.

Bonus Photos

Below I have posted a couple of extra photos from the game yesterday. It was nice to be back out at Alexander Field, and I had a blast making some photos there. I have put a gallery up on my website here that has a few other photos that I liked from the game as well. It has a little over one hundred pictures in it showing some of the highlights from the day.


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