Jimmy Simpson Wins the 58th Purdue Grand Prix | Sports Photography

Jimmy Simpson wins the 2015 Purdue Grand Prix

Jimmy Simpson Takes His Third Straight Grand Prix

Sunday after shooting baseball I walked across the grass field to the Grand Prix track. I had never attended the Grand Prix before even when it was closer to campus. I attended the 1st EV Grand Prix when my brother was part of the winning team, but never the big event. Last year while covering baseball I saw a lot of practice on the track while shooting games. For some reason I just never took the time to see a race. Enough people were at the track Sunday for me to walk over to see what the fuss is all about. It looked like a pretty cool event with a lot of buzz around it. From the get go though you could see that unless something major happened Jimmy Simpson would win the race. He was by far the fastest on the track.
Jimmy Simpson wins the 2015 Purdue Grand Prix

Covering Part of an Event Without Access

I watched the event from outside the fence. I had too much gear to try and go inside to watch it in a crowd. I saw a couple of locations on the fence that might get me a good vantage point to make a couple of photos. While I could make some photos I was pretty much limited to two spots on the track to capture the action. I also did not have a way to pan with the action as I was elbow to elbow with other fans outside of the venue. I think that I came away with a couple of interesting photos, but I would love to get inside to have some fun with the event. In less than a week though I will get to shoot some fast cars down in Indy. I should be able to get my racing fix between shooting at the Speedway and my annual trip to Winchester Speedway.

Bonus Photos

I did not stay very long, but here are a few photos that I made while at the track. I have a gallery up on my website here as well if you would like to see more.
Jimmy Simpson wins the 2015 Purdue Grand Prix


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