GoPro Video: Greg Behning Scores the Game Winning Goal Against Illinois

Video From the Top of My Camera

In the past I have placed my GoPro on top of my camera to get a first person view of the game. With the wide angle nature of the GoPro I get a good look at everything going on around me while I am shooting. Sometimes you miss a shot as a sports photographer. It is good to know why you missed it. When I start photographing a new sport I like to throw the GoPro on the camera so that I can see a little more of what I was looking at in relation to where the action was on the playing field. It is a good way to get better while shooting a sport. In a case like the one above you also get a little video of some of the action on the field. Of course my 70-200mm lens is in the way, but you still see how the goal was scored and the reaction of the fans in the background. I made a little video from the game last night, and I will publish another video when I have it all cut together. I haven’t done this in quite a while, but I think that it gives a unique perspective of an event.

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