Shooting Notre Dame Baseball at Victory Field

Using Adobe Lightroom 6 (Lightroom CC) to Edit My Photos

I will start today’s post off with a non sports related element. Yesterday Lightroom released their update for the cloud, and a standalone program titled Lightroom 6. I payed nothing extra for the update as it was automatically updated for me with the cloud service. They promised much faster speeds in the develop module. While I edited my take from the game I did not really notice any difference. With that said though I thought the speed has been quick since upgrading Macs this past fall. In the heat of the moment editing my files I may not have noticed it as well. The one new feature that I absolutely love is the HDR merge function. I used to have to send my file out to Photomatix Pro to merge. The file would then have to be imported back into Lightroom as a 32 bit file so that I could use the sliders to make my adjustments to it. With the new version of Lightroom all of that is done for you in program. I made a photo last night during the blue hour with the intention of using the new HDR function. I made three exposures two stops apart on the scene. Once I was editing I just selected the three files to merge and used the merge function in the program. I made the photos during the action so I used the high deghost option. I also used auto align because I was handholding the camera, and auto tone for speed. The result of the merge was amazing. With auto tone selected I was already in the ballpark so to speak with my adjustments so it just took a little fine tuning to get the result you see above. I think that my days using Photo Mechanic are over unless it is required for a job.

Anticipating the Moment

In the fifth inning of the game Irish sophomore Kyle Fiala hit a ball to the wall in the gap. I knew that I had the hit so I panned over to get Kyle rounding second. I was hoping that he would try and stretch it into a triple. As I saw him coming around second I knew that I would have my chance. I made some photos of him chugging around second, and then I pre focused on a spot just in front of third base. I was hoping for a head first slide into the bag. With my 400mm lens on my Canon 7D Mark II I was tight, but I knew that if he came in head first it would be amazing. Thankfully he came in the way that I hoped he would, and I made a photograph that I loved from the game last night. Sometimes things just fall together for you as a photographer. Here I had made the right decision to stay in the third base camera well one more inning. The play has to come to you to make the photo. This was one time where everything worked in my favor to make a nice photograph.

Shooting For The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

One unexpected development over the course of this school year is a relationship with Notre Dame Athletics. When the season started I thought that I would be doing the same thing that I finished last year doing. When I realized that things had changed it was a scramble to find ways to make some money. I had to quickly establish relationships with other schools. Notre Dame was one of the first schools with which I did that. I shot some volleyball for them when they came to West Lafayette. That led to shooting some volleyball in South Bend later in the year. When I saw this special game at Victory Field on the calendar I knew that I wanted to shoot it. Luckily for me they wanted me to shoot it as well. It is a thrill to shoot a team that you grew up rooting for. Being a Catholic boy just a few miles away from Notre Dame Stadium it was a no brainer to pull for the Fighting Irish. Once I went to Purdue loyalties started to change, but I still kept my Notre Dame baseball season tickets. I saw some great games at ‘the Eck’ including a duel between Notre Dame and Purdue where both pitchers took no-hitters into the 8th inning. With all of that being said this was the first time that I have seen the Irish play since they hired Mik Aoki as their coach. He seems to have them headed in the right direction as they came into the game back in the top 25. I have had a couple of things come up to prevent me from getting up to the Eck this season so far. I will have to make sure that nothing gets in my way here as the season winds down.

Notre Dame Faces Off Against Indiana at Victory Field

Going into this game I thought that it would be a good one. Notre Dame is in the top 25, and Indiana seemed to be playing the type of baseball that had them in the top 25 earlier in the season. Before the game started I was joking around that the game would be a 13 inning affair. When Indiana improbably tied it up in the 9th inning I thought that my pregame jest would come true. Then another Irish error allowed the winning run to score, and Indiana to get the walk-off win. With all of that being said this would have been a great game to watch as a fan. It had a lot of good moments for both teams. It was a fun game to photograph as well.

Bonus Photos

Below I have included a few bonus photos from the game that I liked for one reason or another. I have a small gallery up on my website here that will grow in the next few days. This was a fun game to photograph at a unique venue for both teams. I tried to put a little bit of that into my photos.

Notre Dame shortstop Lane Richardson is silhoutted as he throws to first base during during the Notre Dame baseball game against theIndiana Hoosiers at Victory Field on April 22, 2015


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