Using Lightroom CC (Lightroom 6) to Merge HDR Files

Trying Out the New Version of Lightroom CC

Today Adobe released the newest version of Lightroom. I have been a Lightroom user since Lightroom 3, and the program has steadily become a bigger portion of my workflow. I was excited when I saw that you could merge files into a 32 bit HDR file within the program. Before I ever used Lightroom I used Photomatix Pro to make my HDR images. By the time that Photomatix Pro 5 came out I was just using the program to merge the files, and then I would edit the 32 bit file inside of Lightroom. I like Photomatix, but anytime that I can simplify my workflow I want to do that. I decided to try out this new feature in Lightroom, and while I was at it I made a video of it. I don’t know that these files were the best test so tonight at the baseball game I will try again. As the game is played a little later I should get a shot with some nice color in the sky I hope.

Merging Three Files From the Purdue Softball Game

I saw a scene while shooting the Purdue softball games Saturday that I thought looked great. There was just one problem. The dynamic range of light was way too far apart for my camera to make an exposure that was anywhere near what I saw on the scene. I made one photo in aperture priority mode that was what the camera thought the scene should be. That was the dark photo in the above video. I then compensated for the bright light to expose for the shadows. I used these files for my test of this new option in Lightroom. I took the sliders up and down a bit to see if I indeed had the information in the file that I thought I should have. I think that this new addition to Lightroom is a welcome one that will be amazing for me. I will have more on some of the new features in Lightroom as I get to use the program more and more.

Initial Impressions

I think that this feature inside of Lightroom will save me some time for sure. The deghosting options seemed great so I didn’t have to even select an area. I like how you can let the program tone on its own or deselect the option to do the work yourself. I think that in the future I will edit the file on my own, but I like the option to do a quick edit. It might be an idea generator for a good starting point. So far Lightroom 6 looks great, and compared to where I started with Lightroom 3 it is a huge leap ahead. I expect a few minor updates to this version that will make it even better.


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