A Busch Stadium Panoramic with Lightroom 6

Using Lightroom 6 To Make a Panoramic of Busch Stadium

When Lightroom 6 was announced a couple of days ago I was excited to see a couple of features built into the program. I am all about making my workflow smoother and faster so having tools inside of one program can accomplish that. I don’t do panoramic photos very often, but exporting the files to Photoshop while faster than it ever has been is still a long process. I wanted to see how fast making a pano in Lightroom 6 could be. I went back into the archives to find a series of photos that I took to make into a pano from my birthday in 2009. I went to visit the new Busch Stadium for the first time that season. I have spent a couple of birthdays in St. Louis watching the Cardinals. They really hit it out of the park with the new stadium, and I wanted to show the beauty of everything. Of course there was a slight drizzle as I was making the photos so everything came out very grey. In fact I never cared enough about the photos to stitch them together. I knew that they were there though so I decided to give it a try with the new feature in Lightroom. It did a great job of putting the eight photos together into one photo. I can see one place where it had some trouble, but other than that it did a great job.

An Update on the Lightroom 6 HDR Function

After a couple of initial successes with the new HDR function in Lightroom 6 I found a couple of issues with it. The program does a great job for the most part, but one thing that I found was that when using the deghost option it can leave some crazy arcs throughout your photo. With a wide range of light in the photo it really sticks out when a dark portion of the photo is directly stitched into the normal photo. This is something that I will have to play with to see if I can work around that. This is the first Lightroom product that has not come out in Beta form first. This may be something that is fixed in an update shortly.


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