Dharma in a Tree | Wolf Park Photography

Dharma Posing in a Tree

This was definitely one of the more posed shots that we did during our photo session at Wolf Park. Dharma would climb up into this tree to get a couple of pieces of cheese that were strategically placed in the bark. The moment after she ate the cheese she would wait to see if more would show up, and that was the time to make the photo. She would not stay in the tree too long so you had to make it count when she did. I hate to say it, but I relied fairly heavily on the 10fps that the new Canon 7D Mark II lets me shoot at here. With most of my photos there I would shoot a small burst. The way that the wolves blink you almost had to. I tried a couple of times to get it in one shot, but a blink or a partial blink ruins the photo. The wolves blink a lot around strangers so I went into motor drive mode. The result is a clean shot of the eyes, and I think the eyes are what makes a wolf photo.

A Couple of Fee Can Make a Huge Difference

I knelt down to make the photo above thinking that it was a great angle. I made a picture that I quite like. The space in the trees bothered me a little though so I literally took a couple of steps to the left to allow the tree to block the space that I didn’t like. The result was the photo that is at the top of the post. This just goes to show you once again that a couple of feet can make a huge difference in a photo. Had I been over those couple of feet for the photo directly above I think it would have been much stronger, and probably have been at the top of this post.

Prints For Charity

As with any of my photos from Wolf Park the proceeds of each sale go directly back to the park. I really love what they do there, and this is just one small way that I can give back to them. You can click on either picture above to be taken directly to that photo, or you can click here to see my gallery from this year at the park.


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