West Side Baseball vs. Logansport | Sports Photography

West Lafayette Plays at Home Again

I live just down the road from the West Lafayette baseball field, but I don’t get down there often enough. Last night I got to the park about a half hour late for the game, but just in time for the beautiful light to start. Bob Friend Field is positioned in such a way that the light really does look great during most games played after school. You can take the light on the players faces, or you can put it behind the players. I usually try a little of both, but I was enjoying the back light a bit last night. As a photographer you wish that you could always shoot in light like this. With nothing in the way to cast a shadow on the field you get a little extra time with the nice light. Two things I love in one place, baseball and the golden hour.

An Unlikely Interruption

Last night just before the start of an inning a dog made its way onto the field. It was a small delay in the game, but very entertaining to watch the young men try and corral the dog. The dog would not be caught, but rather went and relieved itself in front of the opponents dugout. You can tell by that who the dog was rooting for. 

Bonus Photos

Once again I have placed a couple of the photos that I liked below. The light was great so I really stayed a little longer than I should have last night. It was worth it though when I saw my take from the game. I may have missed the first half hour of the game, but I did make some images that I really liked. You can view the entire gallery on my website here.


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