Marge Schott Stadium | Stadium Photography

Marge Schott Stadium on the Campus of the University of Cincinnati

Just over a week ago I shot my first game of the season at Marge Schott Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since I am a free agent this spring I have decided to try and shoot as many places as I can. I like the idea of having new teams and new backgrounds in my portfolio. This season started out during a trip to Cincinnati for the Music Now Festival, but I did manage to work in a shoot at this stadium. I think that the name first intrigued me, and some photos that I saw that were made there made me appreciate it even more. I love the backgrounds that you have here due to the fact the stadium is built into the ground a bit. Over the course of the next three weeks or so I will have added a couple more stadiums to my list this season. I will be shooting at Victory Field for Notre Dame, and at IU’s stadium for Cincinnati. Coming up I will also have shoots at Parkview Field for the Tincaps and a little action for the South Bend Cubs. This promises to be a great baseball season, but the teams just have to start coming North for that to happen. 

More From Cincinnati

I have posted a few photos from the game at Cincinnati up on the blog here. I also have a small gallery up on my website here. It was a lot of fun shooting in this new park. It really is unique for a college stadium. It was also nice to see my work being used again on a schools website.


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