Cincinnati Baseball at Marge Schott Stadium | Sports Photography

Cincinnati Bearcat Andrew Zellner pitches against the Toldeo Rockets at Marge Schott Stadium

Photographing a Game at Marge Schott Stadium

When I knew that I was going to be in Cincinnati I looked for something baseball related to do during my trip. I had originally thought that I would visit the Cincinnati Reds Museum during my trip. It is a great museum that really deserves a lot of time to go through. I saw that the Cincinnati Bearcats would be in town so I decided to just show up and shoot the game. After contacting the SID for the team I secured a pass to shoot for the Bearcats. I researched the stadium beforehand and saw that it had a few unique features that I wanted to incorporate into my photos. I had a dinner reservation and a concert to see that night so I could not stay for all of the baseball that was played Saturday. That is a shame because they played 20 innings. I am sure that sometime before this summer is over I can have some fun photographing a long doubleheader.

Toledo Rockets pitcher Cameron Palmer pitches against the Cincinnati Bearcats at Marge Schott Stadium

Marge Schott Stadium is a Photographers Dream

This ballpark really is a great one to photograph in. If you are capturing images of the pitchers you have a nice big brick wall behind them to use as a background. When you are photographing the players in the field a nice tall black wall is your background there. You don’t have to worry about distractions in the stands in your photos. The camera wells are also right next to the dugouts so you get a little of the chatter there. I love the backgrounds here, and I would love to shoot another game here. Up in the stands you can get a few unique angles on the game that I normally cannot get. I don’t think that the stadium was built with the photographers in mind, but it sure seems as if it was.

Bonus Photos

Below I have posted a few bonus photos that I liked from the day. Part of my trip was to see Cincinnati Bearcat Ian Happ play. He is a preseason All-American, and he looked the part this weekend. He kept getting on base, stealing bases when he was there, and he also made a great play in the outfield. This kid looks like the real deal. It was pretty cool seeing the Bearcat uniforms yesterday too. As a kid growing up a White Sox fan in the 1980’s I love the design. It is pretty cool to see the old looks coming back in style. If you click here you can see my complete gallery of images from the game.

Cincinnati Bearcat Ian Happ bats against the Toledo Rockets at Marge Schott Stadium
Cincinnati Bearcat J.T. Perez pitches against the Toldeo Rockets at Marge Schott Stadium


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