Purdue Baseball vs. Rutgers | Sports Photography

Purdue third baseman Brandon Krieg attempts to field a ball against Rutgers at Alexander Field

The Symmetry of Baseball

The shot above shows a little bit of why I love baseball so much. Even on a  split second play both the third baseman and the left fielder are in a similar pose. There is something about the symmetry here that made it my favorite shot of the day. Baseball is a beautiful sport full of things that were made for the camera. Part of the fun of photographing baseball is to show people who don’t understand the sport just how beautiful it can be. Yesterday I just took one camera, one lens, and one memory card to the game. I planned on shooting the defense, and I would leave if I ran out of card space. I actually shot very few photos on the day as I was sitting on certain plays. After a pressure packed day on Thursday shooting basketball it was kind of nice to just sit back and have some fun today.
Purdue starter Matt Frawley pitches against Rutgers at Alexander Field

Shooting Baseball at Alexander Field Again

After a long winter baseball is back at Alexander Field again. I was out of town when the season officially started Wednesday. This year will be a hard one to attend games at Alexander Field as I am no longer the photographer for the team. Last year I shot all but three games for the Boilers. This year due to some restructuring I have to work for the opposing teams fi I want to get paid to shoot at the stadium. Shooting for Purdue was my dream job, and the way that things went down were not easy to take. You have to pick yourself up off of the mat though, and I have started moving in another direction. I am that weird guy that actually wants to just shoot in one place. I don’t want to shoot for a wire or Sports Illustrated as that means I will be away from my family too much. This spring though I will be traveling a lot to make some money shooting the sport that I love. When I am not occupied though I will try to get back to Alexander Field to make some photos. When I do I will go in with some specific things in mind. Good things can come out of adversity though as the last week would not have been possible had I been shooting for Purdue. Both my Cincinnati trip to the Music Now Festival and the amazing time I had in Louisville shooting the NCAA Tournament would have conflicted with baseball. As it was it was an awesome week that was still capped off with a little Purdue baseball.

Evan Kennedy dives back into first base against Rutgers

Practicing the Fundamentals

Today I took some infield practice. A baseball player will take some infield practice, and that is just what I did today. I only stayed at the stadium for about an hour, but I had some fun while I was there. I made some shots of both pitchers, and then I played a game where I tried to guess where the ball was going to go. I used a little of my baseball sense along with some inside knowledge (a little trick I may divulge later) to pick a player. I would then watch the pitch with my off eye, and then get ready to make the photo. Even when it works you don’t always get a great picture. Today I made a couple interesting photos, but no photo that was amazing. The photo at the top of the post was made this way. It is kind of a fun game that makes shooting baseball much more fun. It puts you into the game as well. I did not shoot one offensive play today. I focused on the defense for once. Most people will just sit on offense thinking that the game is only there. A lot happens on defense as well that makes for great photos. Last weekend shooting for Cincinnati I had plenty of batting photos. For early in the season my timing was pretty good. I wanted that diving stop for my portfolio. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen all the time so I may have to try again some day.


2 Replies to “Purdue Baseball vs. Rutgers | Sports Photography”

  1. Any chance you took a photo of the boys throwing out the first pitch Sunday? I could not get my phone out in time and missed my son’s photo op. Thanks, George

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