Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio | Travel Photography

Visiting the Beautiful Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio

Last weekend we were lucky enough to spend two nights in the very beautiful Music Hall. This is a beautiful building that I would love to get a chance to photograph from many angles with a tripod. I had to rely on my own steady hands as an event was going on while I was trying to photograph the hall. I think that at the right time this could make for a beautiful HDR image inside of the Springer Auditorium. The building is so much more than that thought. You have the Corbett Tower where we saw the pre concert music each night. The main entry way is also fantastic. The exterior of the building as you can see above is also spectacular. This was an event that I was looking forward to for both the building and the music.

More Views of Music Hall

Below I have posted a few more images from Music Hall. I could have saved a couple of these for a future post, but I thought that I would show a few angles of the classic hall. For the last two images I ran three bracketed exposures through Photomatix Pro, and then used the sliders inside of Lightroom to make a realistic HDR image. The Hall had such a wide range of light that it was necessary to bring out the details. Shooting HDR handheld is even harder to shoot than just a regular shot in low light because you have to really be still for a much longer period of time. In the end I think that it worked out just fine.

Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, and Bryce Dessner perform selections from Planetarium during the Music Now Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio


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