2015 NCAA Tournament | Purdue vs. Cincinnati

Purdue Drops a Tough One in Overtime to the Bearcats

After a brief intermission between sessions it was time for what for most around Louisville was the main event. The crowd was a little sparse during the National Anthem, but the arena was Kentucky blue by the end of the game. Both Purdue and Cincinnati had a very strong contingent though. This was a game that Purdue seemingly had control of until the last 45 seconds. There were times when the score was close, or even Cincinnati would take a slight lead. In those times you always felt like Purdue had control of the game. The crazy finish by the Bearcats led us to overtime, and then they were simply better during that five minute stretch. This is the tough part about this time of year.

The Power of Jon Octeus

This Purdue run this season would not have been possible without senior transfer Jon Octeus. He really filled a need for the team big time. I would have liked to have seen him go out a little better than this. You cannot judge an entire season based on one game, or one stretch of a game though. I saw after the game some fans trying to place blame on certain players after the loss. While it is true this loss would not have been possibly without Jon Octeus, it is also true that is because they would not be playing the NCAA Tournament without him. He was only at Purdue one season, but he left his mark for sure.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few other photos from the game that I liked. It was a rough game, but in the middle of that there were some great moments. I have a gallery up from the game here which I will probably add to in the next few days.


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