The San Jacinto Monument

Looking Back On My 2010 Trip to Laporte, Texas and the San Jacinto Monument

It is hard to believe that it has been almost five years since I followed the Purdue run through the NCAA Tournament. That trip started off in the Pacific Northwest, but then a week later I found myself in Houston, Texas. The result was not one that I wanted, but such is the case for most teams that attend these types of events. Three of the four teams that came to town would go away unhappy. When I make a trip like this I like to see some of the historic locations where I am. I visited both the George Bush and Lyndon Johnson Presidential Museums, and on the last day I made the trip to LaPorte, Texas for a couple of reasons. One is that my hometown is LaPorte, Indiana. I have always wanted to visit the twin city to my hometown. The other reason was to see this monument. The San Jacinto Monument was erected to commemorate the Battle of San Jacinto. It is the world’s tallest masonry column so why wouldn’t I want to go to the top of it? One of those photos from the top has appeared on this website in the past. This was a very cool monument, and I wish that I had gotten out my dSLR to photograph it.

Having Your Phone Replace Your dSLR

When I made this picture I was convinced that my phone was just as good as my dSLR. I think at the time for what I was doing with my photos it was just as good. If all that you are going to do is to place your photos on Facebook, then the best camera for you is the one in your hand. In some of the situations on that trip I wish that I had made a photo in RAW with a dSLR. The information in that RAW file is so powerful. You can recapture the data that your eyes could see, but that camera cannot. The iPhone gives you the jpeg, but you also get the edits that your phone thought that you would like. It dictated how your photo would look. I still make photos with my phone, but I know that if I want all of the data that I must get out something that shoots in RAW.


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