Ken Griffey Jr.: Former Baseball Player Turned Photographer

Ken Griffey Jr. Takes a Swing at Something New

If you have been watching a big game and seen a familiar face photographing the action in the last couple of years it might just have been Ken Griffey Jr. One of the sweetest swings ever in the majors now spends his free time behind a camera. I first saw him on the sidelines at Arizona photographing his son Trey Griffey. Since then he has started photographing other sporting events that his son is not a part of for ESPN. It would be interesting to be on the sidelines shooting next to the Kid.

Ken Griffey Jr. Takes a Swing Against the White Sox

I made the photo above in 2009 when Ken Griffey Jr. and the Mariners came to U.S. Cellular Field to play. The year before Ken came to the White Sox in a trade deadline deal, and helped them win the A.L. Central. I was excited to get a chance to photograph the star in the Mariner uniform that I first saw him in. I remember being a kid and knowing the trick that would ensure me of getting a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie fleer card out of the box. The joy of pulling the Upper Deck Griffey rookie card out of the pack. I don’t know where those cards are now, but the memories of pulling them still remain. I did not have very good access that day at the ballpark so I decided to try something. I wanted a shot that looked more like a remote shot than anything else. In this shot you can see the sweet swing along with Griffey’s nameplate on his jersey.


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