Photographing the Wolves at Wolf Park

Using the Canon 5D Mark III To Capture Video of the Wolf Park Wolves

Near the end of my time photographing the wolves at Wolf Park I used my Canon 5D Mark III to make a quick video of the wolves. I had my Canon 24-70mm lens on the camera, and it allowed me to have both of the wolves in the frame for most of the time. I don’t know that it was the most exciting moment of the day, but you get a chance to see how Dharma and Wotan were coming right up to us while they enjoyed some treats that were thrown to them. They were really fun to photograph. Maybe I will try this again sometime, and add in a little more video during the day.


3 Replies to “Photographing the Wolves at Wolf Park”

    1. The park is in Battleground, Indiana just outside of Lafayette. The wolves actually are born there, and hand raised by the staff. That is why something like what we did is possible. It is really cool to see. If you can make it you can visit their site at for photography shoots and seminars.

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