Dharma Steals the Show at Wolf Park

Getting to See the Rockstar Dharma at Wolf Park

Over the last few years I have seen Dharma mature as a wolf. Early on she was the young pup in the pack, and now she is the alpha female of the pack. For a while it seemed like she was the face of Wolf Park as her photo could be seen everywhere. Saturday as I photographed the wolves I found that I kept focusing on Dharma. She seemed to do the most things that were interesting to photograph. I made my fair share of Wotan pictures as well, but most of my attention was on Dharma. Dharma is not as dark as she used to be, but she is still a beautiful wolf to photograph. Her daughter Fiona now has a look similar to what Dharma had, but she was not available to photograph Saturday. I guess I will have to go back sometime in the future when the pups can be photographed. Over the next couple of days I will show some photos of Woton as well as a couple photos of Scarlette the new red fox at Wolf Park.

The Eyes Have It

The thing that draws you into the wolves are their eyes. They really are impressive. I spent a little time trying to get a great eye shot when the wolf was close to me. True to their nature they did not really cooperate. Monty Sloan who is the Wolf Park photographer gets to spend everyday with the wolves so they really play to him. I got the shot above by kneeling on the ice right next to him. Dharma was still fairly far away so I had to crop a little to get this to look like I had in my mind before I went. 

Monty Sloan: Master Wolf Photographer

When it comes to wolf photography Monty Sloan is the guy. What an honor it was to be alongside of him making photographs of the wolves. It would be like standing next to Peter Read Miller at an NFL game or Ansel Adams in front of a beautiful landscape. He really is the guy when it comes to wolf photography. He has a very nice home to make the photos at as well.


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