A Hit in Old Shea Stadium

Daniel Murphy gets a hit at Shea Stadium in 2008

Being a Part of the Last Season of Shea Stadium in 2008

In 2008 we made a trip to New York to cross a couple of stadiums off of our lists. It was the last season of both Yankee Stadium as well as Shea Stadium. We started our adventure at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. That night we were eating in New York City watching some baseball on TV. The Mets and Braves were not playing yet because of rain. I kept hoping they would call the game which they did. That set us up for some free baseball the next day. My only trip inside of Shea Stadium allowed me to see 18 innings of baseball. It was a great day for sure for a baseball fan. I had Purdue Football season tickets at the time, and I kept getting updates about a possible upset of Oregon at home. Not even a historic football win could make me wish I was somewhere else.

The 2015 Baseball Season

As the weather stays cold I find myself thinking about baseball. The basketball that I will cover is coming to an end so I am already thinking ahead to the spring sports. Baseball is probably my favorite sport to watch and to shoot. Most of the sports that I cover I would not pay to go and see live. Baseball is one that I will pay to watch over and over. April is getting nearer which means the start of baseball season for me. I have a few games lined up to shoot already this spring with some that I will pay to get in mixed in. I have a few stadiums on my list already. In April I will be at Victory Field to shoot for Notre Dame during their game against Indiana. I am sure that I will make a trip to U.S. Cellular Field early this year as well. I have Alexander Field in my backyard as well to shoot at. I am excited to shoot this season as I have an almost entirely different kit than I did last year. I can finally make the images that I wanted to make the last few seasons, but could not. I plan to shoot a lot of games this year no matter what the level. This summer I have a great opportunity to shoot a lot of Midwest League baseball as well. This promises to be a great year to shoot baseball, and I can’t wait for it to start. I know that March is the next month on the calendar, but I want to just flip it to April.

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