Book Review: Wolves by Shaun Ellis and Monty Sloan

wolves by shaun ellis

A Little Reading Before Going To Wolf Park

A few weeks ago I was in Barnes and Noble to pick up a book about birds. Before I check out I always look through the bargain books to see if there is anything interesting there. I have found many great photography books here for a fraction of their cost. It is a good way to build your photography library without breaking the bank. On this occasion I saw this book about wolves. It is not a photography book per se, but it does feature the photography work of Monty Sloan. Monty is the resident photographer at Wolf Park just outside of town here. I found Wolf Park in 2011, and I have made sure to visit as much as I can since. This coming weekend I will be going inside of the enclosure to photograph the wolves up close so I decided to do a little research before going in. I want to know the animals a little better so that my photos can be even better. This book is written by Shaun Ellis who is famous for actually living with the wolves, and becoming accepted by them. The photographs by Monty just accentuate the points of the book. Both men have spent their lives very close to wolves. What better way to get ready to meet a wolf for the first time than to learn from two men who have spent their lives with them?

Sometimes A Photo Book is Disguised As Something Else

This book really does read like a photo book even though it is not billed that way. The photographs by Monty Sloan really are made prominent with many double page photos. Whenever I have visited the park I always have looked for a photo book by Monty. I know that after all of these years that he has to have enough photos for many books. I was excited to see this book though because it basically is what I have been looking for. Having the access that he has he can photograph these animals in the best light, and in the best circumstances. The photos in this book are a direct result of that, and they are beautiful. This is a book that is worth having if you love wolves, or just want to see some interesting photos of wolves. To learn more about the photography of Monty Sloan you can check him out at his website here.


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