Photographing in Assembly Hall

Revisiting a Stadium Twenty Years Later

Monday night I went back to Assembly Hall in Bloomington to photograph the Purdue women playing the Indiana Hoosiers. As I said in Tuesday’s post I spent a lot of time here in the past watching some basketball greats come through. A lot changed though, and I ended up going to Purdue University to get my degree, and then spending a lot of time in Mackey Arena. It was nice to visit this stadium once again though to make some photos. It is something different than the stadiums that I am used to photographing in so I spent some time before the game making some images of it. The image above is the easy shot from mid court showing the majority of the stadium. I shot it this way so that I could make a few versions of it. This is screaming to be made into a panoramic, but you could make a few different size prints out of it. I would have liked to have made this photo with the stands full of fans, but I knew that the fans were not coming to this game.

Making the Most Out Of Your Subject

As I was walking down to go back to the media room I noticed this usher that had made his way up. I made my way behind him with the above photo in mind. I liked the idea of the one silhouetted person overlooking the stadium. The week before I panned down a bit to include a program with both IU and Purdue on it in my shot of the stadium. I don’t know if this photo is the best that I have ever made, but it did make shooting a little more interesting for me.


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