My Backyard Birds: The House Sparrow

The House Sparrow in Winter

The most frequent visitor to my backyard studio is the house sparrow. They are also the birds that will come the closest to me. They have realized that the man holding the large camera will not hurt them. They just let me photograph them from about ten feet away without worrying too much. The good thing about that is that it allows me to throw on a teleconverter to get in tight on these little birds. The photo above was made with a 2x converter on my 300mm lens. That is combined with the shots being made with my Canon 7D Mark II which has a 1.6x crop factor to it. That means that I am basically using a 960mm lens to photograph the bird from up close. As you can see they barely fill the frame. The good news is that they do come close enough for me to capture this way.

Bonus House Sparrow Photos

Below are a few extra shots of the house sparrow. As I said above this bird is the one that I see the most in my backyard. That means that I probably have more shots of it than anything else. Here are a few that I made at the same time as the photo above.

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