The Black Fence In Fall

Saving Some Color For the Winter

This past fall I drove around looking for some scenes with some color. You have a short window to make some photos that have to last a while. I was at the Tippecanoe Battlefield a little early this year before most of the trees had started to change. I found one that had a nice yellow color to it so I had an idea. I would make it the background of my photo. I have a close up of the leaves, but I thought that the black fence against the tree would look nice. I had an idea for how the eye would follow through the frame so I decided to try it out. I am a completionist. I want to see everything in the frame. That is why little exercises like the one above are very important to me. They help me get out of that mold, and in turn hopefully become a better photographer.

Surviving the Arctic Blast

Once again this winter the temperatures have plummeted. When you do not see an above zero reading for an entire day you know that it could be a long day. With a small child that means finding things to do in the house. I have spent the last couple of nights experimenting with light at night in the basement, and a lot of my time during the day finding things to photograph in the house. The weather is either going to break soon or I am. I will probably shoot way too much this weekend to compensate for not getting out much this week. Looking back through my fall images makes me feel better though.