What the iPhone 6 Plus Means for Photographers


10 Points From the Apple Event in Cupertino, California

For the last few years I have looked forward to what the new iPhone design would be. I don’t always purchase the unit, but I really wonder what they have come up with next. After reading a bit about the phone early thanks to some leaks I had a feeling that this new iPhone would be amazing for photographers. Here are a few bullet points showing some of the new features of the phone as it pertains to photographers.

  • 5.5″ Display – This is huge for me. I now carry my iPhone and the iPad on the sidelines to quickly send a few images to a client during an event. With the bigger display I think that I can now just carry the phone on the sideline with me
  • 8mp camera
  • Aperture of f/2.2 on the main camera
  • Burst mode of 10 fps. After the 10 frames are made you pick the best one.
  • New “focus pixels” to help gain autofocus quicker. Phase detection auto focus
  • Optical image stabilization. The lens can move to adjust with you to ensure a crisp photo in low light
  • Time lapse capabilities
  • The front FaceTime camera has also been improved to act more like the back camera on the older phones.
  • 1080p video that can even do 240 frames per second for slow motion.
  • Ability to have a 128gb phone in your pocket for $500. That is a killer price for what you are getting.

Apple and the Other Phone Companies Are Killing the Point and Shoot Market

With everything on this phone you have to wonder who will carry a point and shoot anymore? I use my Canon G16 so that I can manually adjust my settings, but with these new phones I may be trading the camera in shortly. I will probably have more on this phone in a couple of weeks hopefully when mine shows up at my door.

Apple Live Event Steaming Trouble

I was one of many people today that had troubling with the live stream of the event. I tried on three different Apple platforms to watch the event before finally giving up. I waited for the event to show up after the event on Apple TV to watch it without issue. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the price points coming up for the new phone, and then the stream reverts back ten minutes. I hope that they fix this issue before the October stream.


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