A Hot Time in the Furnace

Photo of the Day

Here is another photo that I re-worked a bit since it last appeared on this blog. I made this photo last September as I was getting ready to watch Purdue take on Notre Dame. I had already shot one football game from the sidelines earlier in the day. I was not even going to go to the football game, but a promising sunset lured me in. I bought a seat on the side of the field opposite the press box and the sunset as high up as I could go. I had an idea in my head, but mother nature just had to cooperate. When I purchased my ticket the girl that sold it to me acted like I was crazy for wanted to be up that high. There were still plenty of tickets available below me. As the game drew near the seats really started to fill up. I knew that I would have the fans that my shot needed. From past experience I knew that the team would have an explosive entrance as well. I just needed the sunset to fall into place. It really did for me. The sun set at a time that allowed all of the light to even out. A nice glow occurred over the stadium, and it seemed to match the fire from the players’ entrance.  My $70 gamble really paid off for me. I would not know just how much it paid off until the next day when my feeds blew up over the image. This image will always hold a place in my heart because of the access that it allowed me to have. I shot the rest of the football season from the sidelines because of this photo. The contacts that it gave me also allowed me to shoot for the University by the end of the season. Sometimes all you need is a little luck, and there was a lot of it involved here for this image.

Technical Data

I really wanted to try a complex HDR image here. I thought that I could capture all of the light in the scene that way. What I found was that by altering the metered exposure I could get a similar result without having to mask in the moving portions of the photo. At the time I just performed a quick edit so that I could post the image the next morning. I had planned on going back to it later. Well because of the way that it blew up I had to edit the image quickly. I had seen a version of it that Paul Sadler at Purdue had done, and I loved the way that he made it come to life. For the past nine months or so that is how this image looked. I tried to bring out the detail in the shot. I also got rid of the two light towers that were brought in for the game. When I came back to edit the photo I decided to take out the cell tower as well. It just seemed like another eye sore. I pumped up the vibrance in the image as well. The final step was to add a James Brandon preset to the image. I really like his blue-yellow polarizer preset. It makes blue hour images look fantastic. After the additional work I needed to clean up some noise as well. This is where the noise reduction inside of Lightroom 5 comes in handy. I adjusted the sliders there to clean up the image a bit more. I think that this is how this image will stay. I love the colors of it, and I can’t see anything else to work on. After nine months I finally added my spin to the image.

Photo Sale!

This photo is hanging inside of Mackey Arena, and it can hang in your house too. From now until Labor Day I have decided to place all of my prints on sale. All you need to do is to enter the coupon code ‘summer’ at the checkout of my SmugMug page here to get 50% off all of the prints that I sell. You can also click on the image to be taken directly to this photo to purchase it. Now is the time to buy if you have a print in mind.

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