My Favorite 13 People Photos of 2013

This past year I have photographed some interesting people doing some interesting things. The many personalities of roller derby could fill this list easily. Here are a few of the people that I thought made 2013 interesting.

13.) This photo was taken during a Train concert in Indy. It was a pretty good show where they really seemed to enjoy the fans. Watching Pat the lead singer stay after the concert to sign autographs was pretty cool. I think that the band really gets it. They try and give as much as they can during a show.

12.) At Wabash College they do not have cheerleaders. They have a group of yell leaders that help get the crowd fired up. I liked this anti portrait of one of those men. I loved the saying on the back of his shirt. That combined with the campus bell tower, and I thought that I had a pretty interesting picture.

11.) During the year I was able to see a player that I watched play for our local minor league team pitch for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Chris Capuano was a good pitcher for South Bend, but helped the Dodgers have a good season this year. I loved the way that his name was above him as he warmed up. This was a fleeting moment, but one that I was happy to capture.

10.) During the year I have been lucky enough to make some pictures at a local school. These pictures really make themselves as the kids have a great personality. This is one of my favorites from the first day of school. The kids really make the photos. I just point the camera in their direction, and let them create the magic.

9.) This might be one of the photos that I like for a reason other than the picture. The picture is good, but it was the first time that I realized that I wasn’t making the photos during a portrait session. My subject was the one making the photo. This little tip has helped me since then. This was from my first photo shoot of the year with the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls.

8.) This shot of former Boilermaker basketball standout is one that I like. The Orlando Magic guard came back to Purdue to see his banner in the rafters. After a little coaxing he went into the student section for a while. They loved having him there, and it looked like he enjoyed being with them as well.

7.) Here is another shot from Ocean City, Maryland. I love the overhead view here of a child being pushed down the boardwalk.

6.) While in Colorado this past year I was having some fun photographing our group snowmobiling. The only real problem was that we were in a blizzard. I have always liked this shot of my brother just before he got on his sled.

5.) The Golden Man in Ocean City was fun to watch. He never actually talked, but would squeak every time he was given a donation. His routine after each tip was different, but he was fun to watch. Here he sits patiently for a tip.


4.) This past spring I photographed the cricket spitting contest at the Purdue Memorial Mall. It was truly interesting watching the contestants spit these frozen crickets. Some of the best pictures were of the faces just before putting the crickets into their mouths. I may have to go again this year.

A studet takes a picture with Drew Brees in the student section during the fourth quarter of the Purdue game

3.) This photo of Drew Brees posing with the student section is one that I liked when I took it. The young girl taking the selfie was interviewing Drew, but then took the opportunity to get her picture with him. Everyone wanted a piece of him during his trip home.

2.) Here is a quick portrait just before a roller derby bout that I love. We did not plan this. It went from a side by side shot to this back to back shot that I love. These girls really know how to pose so it makes it easy for me. With personalities like this it is hard to make a bad picture.

1.) This was taken during a photo shoot for a bout poster. I think what makes this one of my favorite shots is the fact that I was able to see behind the scenes as a local brewery as well. It was not the typical photo shoot which I like. For some reason this shot has always spoken to me.

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