My Favorite 13 Animal Photos of 2013

Over the course of the past year I have made a few animal photos that I really like. I think that this countdown could have been filled with all wolf and eagle pictures. I also was lucky enough to see some beautiful horses along the way. Here are my thirteen favorite animal shots from the year.

13.) The first photo in the countdown was taken at the place that we took my brother’s U-Haul back to in Martinsville, Indiana. Of course they rent camels and goats as well as U-Hauls. Why wouldn’t they?

12.) Here is the first of two photos from the butterfly exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo this past spring. For some reason I have always loved the way that this butterfly sat in the middle of the flower.

11.) During my Colorado trip I was waiting for one of these two horses to move so that I could make a good image of just one of them. Of course they decided to do something that would force me to make a picture of both of them. This photo was better than anything that I could have gotten separately.

10.) This is the first of two photos of Mila. I guess if you are a puppy during the year you get a couple of photos that I like.

9.) At number nine we have the first photo from Wolf Park which is located just outside of Lafayette in Battleground. This is a great place to view wolves and to just relax.

8.)  Of course I have to include a photo of my dog Bingo here. Bingo is getting on in age, but that doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t have fun outside. Here I caught him in the middle of something that he probably shouldn’t have been doing.

7.) This past spring we visited the Indianapolis Zoo to see the butterflies that they have there. It really is a great time for kids especially one who loves butterflies. I also had a great time making pictures of them. Some of the colors and patterns really make for good images.

6.) One of my favorite places to visit in this area is Wolf Park. I am a member that loves to just watch the wolves. Of course I also make some pictures of them as well. Sometimes they even pose for me as you can see above.

5.) Early in the year my brother and sister in law got a new puppy. While shooting a West Side baseball game I stopped to make some pictures of Mila the new puppy. She was trying to talk her grandfather and my step daughter into giving her some more food. Could you turn this face down?

4.) When I was helping my brother move in August we took our U-Haul back. Imagine our surprise when we saw that they also rented camels and goats. Of course the goats were hams that wanted to be photographed.

3.) Later on in the landscape countdown you will see some sunrise photos from Ocean City, Maryland. As I said in that post I had one morning where the sunrise was not what I had hoped it would be. An overcast sky skunked me. I didn’t let that stop me though as I went to Assateague Island to see the wild horses there. It was luck that they posed for me in a beautiful layered format with the diffused light from the clouds. I loved this photo when I took it.

2.) This past February a large group of bald eagles came to the area. I had a blast shooting them from afar. If I had a longer lens at my disposal I am sure that this photo would have been number one. I know that this year I will be prepared when they arrive.

1.) Early in the year after a fresh snowfall I was driving around West Lafayette. I came across this beautiful white horse. I love the way that the snow on the hill behind him make it appear as if I had this horse in the studio with a white background. For this reason this is my favorite animal picture of 2013.

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