Breaking the Big One

Photo of the Day

Early in the Purdue game yesterday Akeem Hunt finally broke the big run. He is one of my favorite players to photograph in the open field because of the angles he runs with. He always seems to be in a great position to make a picture. Yesterday he took off on a 62 yard touchdown run. As Hunt ran closer to me the 300mm I was shooting with became too much. Earlier in the day I purposely shot a basketball game with just the 300mm to try and break my bad habit of needing the entire body in the frame. Here it seemed to work out. By not tilting to get the whole body in I captured a Purdue coach in the bokeh cheering Hunt on. This is one of my favorite images of the year.

Bonus Pictures

Here are some pictures from the game yesterday that I liked. I was trying out a 300mm f/2.8 lens that Sigma makes so I was trying some new things. I ended up with a lot of pictures that I really liked. I think that some big plays combined with a big lens led to what I think was my best football shoot of the year. The sad thing is that it was probably my last football shoot of the year.
Cameron Posey makes a catch early in the first quarter against Illinois
Akeem Hunt runs for 62 yards and a score against Illinois while Danny Antrhop blocks for himAkeem Hunt runs for 62 yards and a score against Illinois
Teammates celebrate with Akkem Hunt (1) after his 62 yard touchdown run in the first quarter
Antoine Lewis upends Steve Hull of Illinois after Hull made a catch.
Wil Lucas (45) and Frankie Williams (24) of Purdue tackle Illini running back Josh Ferguson (6)
Brandon Cottom of Purdue tries to dive over the pile as Mike Svetina (34) and Jonathon Brown (45) defend
Cameron Posey is congratulated by teammates after scoring a touchdown in the first quarter against Illinois.
Nathan Schellhaase (2) throws over Ruben Ibarra (6) of Purdue
Akeem Hunt (1) looks for running room as Robert Gregory (7) of Purdue jumps over Jevaris Little (15) of Illinois
Justin Sinz (84) applies a stiff arm to an Illini defensive back
Joe Gilliam (39) looks in on Illinois quarterback Nathan Schellhaase (2)
Greg Latta (91) sacks Nathan Schellhaase (2) as Ra Zahn Howard (93) and Ryan Russell (99) watch
Danny Etling (5) tries to escape from Houston Bates (55) of Illinois
Ricardo Allen (21) strips the ball from Illini reciever Spencer Harris (80) while freshman defensive back Austin Logan (5) looks on
Bruce Gaston (90) then recovers the fumble for Purdue
Danny Etling (5) under center Robert Kugler (57)
Jack Replogle (54) puts pressure on Illini quarterback Nathan Schellhaase (2)
Jesse Schmitt (50) recovers a Illini fumble for Purdue as Patrick Bade (89) makes the tackle
Clear sailing ahead for Frankie Williams (24) on this huge punt return in the third quarter. It was called back for a block in the back
Dan Monteroso (9) attempts to pass late in the fourth quarter, but has to pull the ball down
Danny Etling (5) throws an pass on the Boilers last drive
A studet takes a picture with Drew Brees in the student section during the fourth quarter of the Purdue game

5 Replies to “Breaking the Big One”

  1. Great pics, love how you capture the events, would you mind checking out my sports shots on my blog and dropping me some pointers?

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