Return of a Legend

Photo of the Day

Today I covered the final home game for the Purdue Boilermakers. This has been a weird season in which I have not seen them win a game yet. Today was no different, but it was a game that went down to the wire. One of the exciting aspects of the game was the return of Boilermaker legend Drew Brees. Every step of the way Drew has been doubted, and every step of the way he has proven his doubters wrong. He will end up being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL statistically before it is all said and done. I was not able to photograph him as a player, but I was lucky enough to photograph him a couple of times today. The time that you see above was while Drew was leading the crowd in singing ‘Shout’ between the third and fourth quarters.

I will have more pictures from the game tomorrow with my game post.

Technical Data

This photo required a little bit of work in Lightroom to make right in my eye. The shade that Drew was in combined with the bright sky makes for a tough time to get everything to look right. I exposed for the people, but thought that maybe I could bring the sky back in using highlights in Lightroom. It ended up looking too fake so I just tried to get a good balance.

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