Throwback Thursday: Feeling the Speed!i=2587076842&k=72QB2Nt&lb=1&s=A

Throwback Photo

Today I thought that I would look back at one of my first racing images. In 2000 I had the Sony Mavica in Indy having some fun watching the Busch Series day at what was then called IRP. This was one of my favorite images from that day. I never really knew why I liked it so much, but I think the layering really makes this image. It also allows you to cycle through the photo with your eyes. I had a well composed picture well before i even knew what that was.

Cool News

I am posting this picture today because I have a great opportunity this weekend. I have a photo pass for the ARCA race at Winchester Speedway for both the Saturday and Sunday events. I have some ideas for some images, but I also am very excited to see what flows when I am on the scene. In the past all of my images have had to be through a heavy duty catch fence. This weekend I will be on the other side of that fence. This is a great opportunity that I hope to use to make some great pictures.

Technical Data

Since this is a 13 year old jpeg I really didn’t want to stress it too much with processing. I used a Trey Ratcliff preset for Lightroom called Sunday Alone Time for this image. It really gives an older feel to the picture that I think worked very well here. I tweaked the preset a little, but for the most part this was an easy edit.

I loved the pictures that the Mavica took back then. To me the camera was ahead of its time. It was a few years of supposedly better cameras before I found something that was better. That of course was my first Rebel. This weekend I will have much better equipment, and I think the results will show that. I always like to go back to the begining though, and this was a picture that I have always enjoyed.

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