Throwback Thursday: A Game With a View

odonnell throwback

Throwback Photo

Since baseball has been on my mind all week I thought that I would share this photo today for Throwback Thursday. In 2005 I was living in Iowa as a manager in a factory. We made the pull top lids that you find on your Campbell’s Soup cans. If you look at your lid closely you will see a letter on the tab itself. If is has the letters A-F on it then it was made at the plant that I worked at. I know what you are saying, “That sounds like the most exciting job ever! How could you leave it?” I realized that moments like this were the highlights of my stay in Iowa.

This picture was taken at O’Donnell Stadium in Davenport, Iowa. I really liked how the Centennial Bridge is a feature of the ballpark. This summer I will get to see AT&T Park for the first time with McCovey Cove in right field. This picture is a preview of what I will see there. The only difference is that instead of a cove you have the Mississippi in the background. The beautiful stadium view is not without a price though. This stadium has been closed in the past because of flooding from the great river.

Technical Data

This picture was taken with my Kodak 6330 point and shoot. This was a great camera that I had received the Christmas before. It was impressive to me because of the great colors that I was getting out of it. What I didn’t know was the fact that in some shots the color was a bit much. I actually had to tone this down a bit because the colors were too hot. I applied the HDR Look preset from Matt Kloskowski to give this photo a little punch. That is the extent of the processing done to this photo.

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