iPhone Friday: Spokane Four

spokane arena

iPhone Photo

Today once again I will fall back on an old camera phone picture. This time it is from my Blackberry Storm that I took to Washington in 2010. I was on the phone with a friend as I arrived to the Spokane Arena to see my first NCAA Tournament games. I stood in this location to finish my call so that I could take this picture. They did not allow cameras inside of the arena so I did not have a short lens to put on the camera. I had to smuggle in my 75-300mm lens and the body so I had no room for another lens. For an older camera phone shot this is not too bad. I saw some of the best basketball that I have seen in this building so I am glad that I was able to put this picture on the blog.

Technical Data

As with most of these older jpeg’s I don’t want to edit too much. I applied Matt Kloskowski’s light sports preset to the shot. That pretty much got me where I wanted to be. I toned down the vignette a bit, but other than that I didn’t do much. This was a very easy edit.

There would be more shots from my Blackberry, but it would always freeze up when I wanted to do something. I had the first generation phone so I thought that maybe I had gotten into the phone too early. After a friend bought the Storm 2 I saw that the freezing was an issue. These issues were the reason that I switched to Apple.

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