The Gold and Black Hour

The sun sets on the atrium of Mackey Arena

Photo of the Day

As promised here is the third sports related post of the day. I intentionally did not post a game action picture as I thought I was already a bit heavy with sports action today. I made this picture just after buying my ticket to the game last night. I was there a bit early to see if I could get a good seat, and I had about twenty minutes until the gates opened. I decided to walk around and see some of the newer features outside of the stadium. I have always liked this little corridor, but it is usually too crowded on gamedays to photograph. Last night with a smaller crowd I had a chance. I really only had to wait out a couple of people in order to get this clean picture. I love how the sky reflects here, and I may try and use this to my advantage on another night.

Technical Data

This is a three shot handheld HDR image taken with my new 8mm fisheye lens. I only took two lenses to the game last night, and I wanted to try out the new fisheye inside of the stadium. It turns out that it was a great lens for the exterior of the stadium as well. Today I combined the three pictures taken two stops apart in Photomatix. I have been liking the look of the Photomatix presets again so I decided to give this picture a try. I used Painterly 1 to get a look that I liked. From there I imported the photo back into Lightroom so that I could finish processing it. Inside of Lightroom I did crop the image to allow the bowl of Mackey to show up in the center of the picture. I also used the built in noise reduction that Lightroom offers to get rid of some of the noise that Photomatix introduces into the image. From there it was just a few tweaks to the sliders to get the picture just where I wanted it. I have gotten away from this type of image lately, but I love how this picture looks. I may have to try something similar tomorrow at the Purdue baseball game.

More Pictures From the Game

If you head over to my Facebook page here you can see some of the other pictures that I took at the game last night. A direct link to the album can be found here. With my seat I was limited to just a few shots of game action, but I did have some fun trying a couple of things out last night.

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