Day 108: Why Wait In Line?

Tonight I went to a show at the Elliot Hall of Music here at Purdue. It was Rain which is a tribute to the Beatles. It was a great show that I would see again even though I have seen it twice already now. It is a beautiful and colorful show, and it killed me for over two hours that I couldn’t shoot it. I tried a shot with my iPhone, but of course it came out terrible. As I was walking back to the parking garage I saw all the people that were ahead of me, and that there was a line forming already. Instead of waiting in line I made my way up to the top of the garage. The air was way too thick to get what I wanted done, but I thought that I would try some long exposures to see what I could do. I had my new tripod, but of course the remote for the camera was not in the bag. It was on my table at home. For the second time in a week I just used the timer on the camera instead of a remote. I set the camera to take three shots at -1, 0, and +1. The shutter was open for 13″, 6″, and 25″ seconds respectively. Individually the shots look good, but I wanted to try and combine them into one HDR shot. In the end I like some of what the HDR process did for this shot. It did fade out the car lights a bit, but you can now see the water tower on the golf course which you couldn’t in two of the shots. In the end I posted this shot because of what it did to the buildings and the snow. I am very new to long exposures, but I can see that I am going to have some fun with them. I really need to come back up here on a clear night to get the full beauty that I think this shot could bring. Who knows? Parking garages could become my best friend. As it is you can barely make out the water tower, Mackey Arena, and Lambert Fieldhouse. I would imagine that on a clear night Ross Ade Stadium would be visible as well. Like I said I have to give this location at least one more try.

I have a shot from a previous bracket that has a bit more of the lights in it, but seems a little blurry. I put that up on my bonus shots on Facebook. What you cannot see in this shot is the fact that I was on a large snow pile in the corner of the garage. As my camera was taking pictures I looked to my left and saw that if I went that way the snow went right down to the top of the small wall. That meant that I would have gone over it most likely. For someone afraid of heights the last 25 second exposure could not go fast enough. The things I do to get a picture.

I also love how the passerby on the sidewalk stayed still the entire time so that he would not end up blurry. He was probably waiting to watch the guy fall off the roof of the garage.


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