October 24th, 2011 (Day 18): HDR Canon

Today I went out with the intention of shooting an HDR image. I set up my camera for a bracketed exposure, and went to the local veteran’s home after work to try and find a shot that would be good for HDR. I found the canon overlooking the Wabash and knew that it would be perfect to try my first HDR shot. My camera would fire three times quickly so I had to brace myself and shoot since I did not think to use my tripod which was in the back of the car. The shot was perfect because the sun had gone down enough that the canon was in the shade. The background was very much in the sun making a normal shot near impossible to get right without lighting.

I took the shot and headed home to try and see if I had a winner. Of course I was greeted with sticker shock when I saw the prices of the two programs that I could use to make my pictures. I decided to try the trial version of HDR Photo Pro. The photo came out great, and I saved it to a jpeg to put on this site. I pulled it up to look at it as a jpeg and saw the three big tags that the program put on the picture. I was really bummed out so I have spent the last couple of hours trying out various free HDR programs to see how they worked. Nothing really compared to the image I created with HDR Photo Pro. I decided to just put the picture up with the watermark on it to show why I loved the image so much. I guess in the future I will have to get one of these programs, but it will have to wait a while. I do love how the HDR shots look though. I guess I can work on my normal shots first, then I can start experimenting.

2 Replies to “October 24th, 2011 (Day 18): HDR Canon”

  1. HDR is fun, but software in general is expensive! I’m glad you jumped out there to test it out.

    I will say shooting foliage at that range is difficult, since with the 3 shots, the wind can move the leaves and not to mention no tripod! You are a brave one.

    I think your shot looks good! (Minus the watermarks of course) so well done and I’m glad you didn’t get too much shake or foliage. I have yet to get an HDR that was purely hand held that looked good, so kudos to you!

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