October 23, 2011 (Day 17): Things Are Looking Up

Today after work I went out looking for that great fall picture yet again. I have been out a few times without getting what I am looking for. I still don’t really know what that is so it makes it harder to find of course. Today I stopped by Happy Hollow park near the river to try and find a good picture. For some reason right away I decided to climb a steep hill to get a better view. There is so much to look at down low, but for some reason I went high. That paid off when I saw this tree. I liked how straight it was, and the canopy looked great. I took two versions of this picture. This one with the focus up close, and another with the canopy in focus. I really like the look with the canopy fuzzy for some reason. When it was crisp it just did not look right to me. This may not have been the picture that I have been looking for, but I like it just the same. If you are near Lafayette and want a pleasant walk to see the change of leaves Happy Hollow is a good bet. It was a great way to wind down this afternoon.

One thing to look out for on the weekend are the ‘professional’ photographers taking various pictures everywhere. I saw well over ten photogs out taking senior pictures, engagement pictures and or family portraits in the park. The scenery is great, and I am sure I walked into the background of a couple because my head was up in the trees.

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