Northeastern Defeats Notre Dame in Game One of the Hockey East Quarterfinals

Northeastern Stays Hot With 3-1 Victory Over Notre Dame

Last night I was able to see some great playoff hockey as Northeastern and Notre Dame played a very good game against each other. For most of the game the score was 2-1 as all three of those goals were scored within the first eight minutes of the first period. Shooting through my access hole I was screened for both goals, but I did get the jube that followed.

Shooting Through the Photo Hole

This was the first game that I have ever been able to shoot through the photo hole. I love the idea of giving the photographers an unobstructed view of the action. Of course the holes are in the aisles so a valuable seat is not lost. What I don’t understand is why they are so low. You really have to be in an uncomfortable position if you want any kind of movement. As the game went on I became more used to the hole, but I didn’t mind the third period when I didn’t have one to shoot through.

Get to the Stadium Early

Yesterday I arrived at the stadium very early for the game. Perhaps a little too early. The Northeastern bus was pulling in just as I was pulling in. After a little work I obtained my credential, and found my spot on press row. I then saw that the Northeastern team was warming up not too far from where I was. I grabbed my camera and went over to where they were. I don’t get too crazy about photos of players stretching, but a photo like the one above is one that I love. In a mostly dark arena this player thinking about what lies ahead is one that I like. At this point of the day I am shooting more for my best of the week post then anything else. These are the shots that tell the story of the day. They are also the most fun to make.

Bonus Photos

Below I have included a few bonus photos from the night. This was a fun game to photograph as it should be. This is playoff hockey, and the intensity is turned up a couple of notches. Tonight with their tournament lives at stake I would suspect that Notre Dame comes out firing. If the Irish can win they would force a winner take all game tomorrow at 7. If the Huskies can win, they would move on to Boston to play in the finals four there. This is an exciting time of year to be a photographer for sure.


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