Purdue Hockey Plays Indiana In The ICHC Tournament

Purdue and Indiana Battle It Out With a Birth in the ICHC Championship on the Line

Yesterday I spent one last day in Fishers watching the Purdue hockey team this year. Purdue was the #1 seed in the ICHC Hockey tournament, and that was their first game of the tourney. With a win against Indiana they would advance to the title game Sunday to play Xavier. The hockey puck is a funny thing though, and it doesn’t always go the way that you want it to. Indiana won the game 3-2 and ended the Boilers season. Last year one of the highlights of my photography year was photographing the Boilers as they won the ICHC tournament. The emotion and the pure joy shown was great. Part of what makes moments like that so special though is how hard they are to come by.

Watching #4 One More Time

As the final seconds ticked off of the clock Saturday I realized that it was the last time that I would watch my nephew skate for Purdue. It has been really fun watching him play hockey for the last four years. Last night I also realized just how fast four years can fly by. Sadly I had so much fun watching Brandt play hockey that he may have his embarrassing uncle show up at a rec league game at some point.

A Full Web Gallery on Exposure

I have put up a full gallery of images from the night on my Exposure page here. I was screened for the two goals that Purdue scored last night. Once by a player skating in front at the last second, and once by the goal and goalie himself. Sometimes you guess right where the puck will be shot from, and sometimes you do not.


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