Top 14 Potpourri Photos of 2014

Sometimes There Just Isn’t a Category For Photos

I have a folder that I throw all of the photos that I don’t think fit the other categories that I have for my blog. It has been called posts, but maybe it should be called the potpourri category. I guess I could stretch things to fit the photos into the other categories, but they probably would get lost in the shuffle. Here are the fourteen photos that I liked the best from the other category this year.

14. 2014 was a year that saw me cover many Purdue baseball games. It was a very rewarding year for sure. Just like any young boy I collected baseball cards as a kid. I was very pleased that many of the baseball cards that Purdue gave out as part of a promotion had my photos on them. When the first set came out I made the photo that is at the top here. The bottom photo was one that I made as part of a photo essay for a weekend series. I know that it is an overused concept, but I like the photo. I wanted something for the page cover, and this worked out perfect.

13. Whenever we visit Ocean City, Maryland we visit Hooper’s Crab Shack. It is a very unique building that has seen me make a few pictures in and around it over the years. This small scene was just over our table, and I made the photo with my G16.

12. This year I covered the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls scrimmage at OutFest. As we were leaving the light was beautiful so I stepped behind the band playing to make this photo. It was just about at that time when all of the light evens out so things really can look great. I am glad that I walk back a bit to make this photo.

11. The LaPorte County Museum has a lot of classic cars as well as memorabilia from LaPorte’s past. I have photographed the cars before so this past January I decided to focus on parts of the cars. This classic Tucker was one of my favorites.

10. This year I was lucky enough to get to visit the old Purdue power plant before it was torn down. I went in with a Purdue photographer to make some backgrounds for future projects. This was one of my favorite photos from the day.

String lines help the workers keep everything straight

9. While the last post was about something at the end of its life this one is about a new project. I went up to my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana to photograph the laying of turf on the local football field. It was a very involved process that was much more work than I thought that it could be. I shot some overall shots, but I also made some shots like this that showed the little details.

8. The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls participated in the scarecrow contest at Prophetstown State Park. I went out to make some photos one day of all of the scarecrows, but I liked this one the best of course.

7. That same day I visited the Battleground just outside of Lafayette. The trees were changing colors, and I liked how the yellow played with the black fence here. I was scouting for a shoot later on, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make something interesting while scouting.

6. This year we

5. The blood moon was a fun event to witness. I sat outside way too early in the morning to witness it. I shot the various phases of  the moon, but of course the red phase was the most impressive. There are still two more chances to see a blood moon. The last two blood moons will appear on April 4, 2015 and September 28th 2015.

4. While waiting for our plane at O’Hare Airport I photographed the tunnel to our terminal. The name of the tunnel is ‘The Sky’s the Limit.” It is a beautiful work of art. I wish that I had a tripod to photograph this beautiful situation. Next year I have a solution for this problem.

3. Sometimes during timeouts I make photos that I don’t think will ever see the light of day. This shot that I made at Butler is one of those. I saw the players feet with the new shoes that looked much different than the old gym floor. It looked interesting to me so I made a photo. I guess technically this is a sports photo, but with no action happening I put it in this category.

2. There are two sculptures at the Art Museum of Chicago that are beautifully lit. I made portraits of both of them because they seemed to be lit to do so. There is a man and a woman, and I like the shot of the woman the best.

1. The number one potpourri post of the year is this shot of the fireworks over the Wabash river. I was trying out some long exposures, and I liked this one the best. By just keeping the shutter open I was able to capture several bursts. They looked beautiful to me. With nothing else in the shot this is not a landscape so I had no place to put it. The potpourri folder was the best option.

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