For The Birds

What Happened To Purdue West?

A couple of weeks ago I had a couple of things back to back near Purdue West. I was at the Purdue baseball game and I watched them walk it off. Then just down the road my little one had a year end ceremony for scouts. When I was a kid a good reward was to head to Dairy Queen. I knew that at one time there was one at Purdue West, but I also thought that it was going to be torn down a couple of years ago. The building is still up, but it looks like one where they know that it is coming down. The sign for the building tells you pretty much all that you need to know about what the eventual fate of the building is. It is a shame. At one time this was a pretty cool place to visit.

A Cool Community

As you can see there are multiple nests here. I would never think of house sparrows as being communal, but here they seem to be working together a bit. It definitely made for an interesting visual.

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