Senior Night

Senior Night At West Side

Tonight at the West Side baseball game they will celebrate eight seniors. I will be next door at a softball game, so I decided that I would make this photo during the day to celebrate this years senior class. I have watched these young men play for a few years now, and it is always weird to see them say goodbye. One of the players was actually a coach for my little one during her t-ball days. I remember him staying after the games or practices with his father to get some hits in. At the time I told myself to remember his name because he would do something. All that extra work would pay off. It really has. Over the years I have seen him make some big goals in soccer as well as throw a no-hitter last season. I may have to sneak over for a couple of minutes and watch the last home game.

Dusting The Drone Off

I really do not use my drone much anymore. Everything has become so regulated that you really can’t use them anywhere interesting anymore. Here I needed to be up just a few feet to capture this scene so it worked out to get the drone back out. It definitely gives you a different point of view.


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